Innovation is not necessarily technology. We use it and do it all the time! It’s a new way of thinking or doing something.

Global Networking

My PhD program has taken me through a journey of education utopia – an education worth sharing and exploring, problem solving and collaborating. But how is this transferring in the real world? George Couros referenced Dan Brown in his book, The Innovators Mindset.   Referencing education Dan Brown said, ” It is clear to the world that something isn’t working with institutional education, and most people say, ” we need to change institutional education!” But to the educators of the world, I am here to say that I disagree. You don’t need to change anything. You simply need to understand that the world is changing, and, if you don’t change with it, the world will decide it doesn’t need you anymore.”

Education in the Context of Spirituality

Robin Ruiz wrote a new note:In the context of spirituality!

When a teacher finishes with you, you graduate When a Guru finishes with you, you celebrate.

18/12/2012 ·

All Gurus are Teachers; But all teachers are not Gurus”.

If you get not only a Guru but also a “Satguru”, you are the most blessed .

The Teacher & The Guru

A teacher takes responsibility of your growth

A Guru makes you responsible for your growth.

A teacher gives you things you do not have and require

A Guru takes away things you have and do not require.

A teacher answers your questions

A Guru questions your answers

A teacher helps you get out of the maze

A Guru destroys your maze

A teacher requires obedience and discipline from the pupil

A Guru requires trust and humility from the pupil

A teacher clothes you and prepares you for the outer journey

A Guru strips you naked and prepares you for the inner journey

A teacher is a guide on the Path

A Guru is the pointer to the Way

A teacher sends you on the road to success

A Guru sends you on the road to freedom

When the course is over you are thankful to the teacher

When the discourse is over you are grateful to the Guru

A teacher explains the world and its nature to you

A Guru explains yourself and your nature to you

A teacher makes you understand how to move about in the world

A Guru shows you where you stand in relation to the world

A teacher gives you knowledge and boosts your ego

A Guru takes away your knowledge and punctures your ego

A teacher instructs you

A Guru constructs you

A teacher sharpens your mind

A Guru opens your mind

A teacher shows you the way to prosperity

A Guru shows the way to serenity

A teacher reaches your mind

A Guru touches your soul

A teacher gives you knowledge

A Guru makes you wise

A teacher gives you maturity

A Guru returns you to innocence

A teacher instructs you on how to solve problems

A Guru shows you how to resolve issues

A teacher is a systematic thinker

A Guru is a lateral thinker

A teacher will punish you with a stick

A guru will punish you with compassion

A teacher is a pupil what a father is to son

A Guru is to pupil what mother is to her child

One can always find a teacher

But Guru has to find and accept you

A teacher leads you by the hand

A Guru leads you by example

When a teacher finishes with you, you graduate

When a Guru finishes with you, you celebrate


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Minneapolis—December 10, 2013—Positive social change occurs when individuals strongly believe they have the power to make a difference—and they take action. On average, 92% of adults say they have done something to engage in positive social change at some point in their lives. But who are these people creating and contributing to positive social change?

What does it take to understand the world we live in?

Horizon Report Research Questions –

where we will do our work

STATUS : The Panel of Experts enter responses to the research questions listed below. Follow any of the links below to get started. Click on the Link for more information



What type of Social Change Maker are you?

  • The Ultracommitted Change-Maker
  •  The Faith-Inspired Giver
  • The Socially Conscious Consumer
  • The Purposeful Participant
  • The Casual Contributor
  • The Social Change Spectator

When I started my journey at Walden University for a PhD in Education, I never new what I would discover. I have made many discoveries about myself, the world, people, and education. I took the quiz.  Social Change Agent

I did not need to take a quiz to know I am an Ultracommited Change-Maker.

I chose Walden University because of my commitment to Social Change.

Ultracommitted ChangeMakers have been known to dedicate their lives to leading positive social change.

They may be interested in many different causes, believe strongly in their ability to make a real difference in their communities and feel happy as a result of their involvement.

Plugged into technology, these Change-Makers often can be found initiating conversations about social change to others online and feel social change should be taught at a young age.

When growing up, many in this profile probably had parents who were active in social change. As adults, many members of this segment now engage in a social change activity at least once a month. Compared with social change agents overall:

Most say they engage in positive social change because it is a lifelong commitment (74%, on average, say this describes them completely or very well vs. 45%, on average).They want to make a difference in people’s lives because others have made a difference in theirs (92%, on average vs. 74%, on average).


Small ways to change the world

How our world is changing: Check out the links below

Artificial Intelligence

New Morals and technology



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